Wellington Astronomical Society

Wellington Astronomical Society

Telescopes - WAS

WAS own a range of telescopes, all for use by members at events, some are for hire at a nominal rate, for personal use.


Currently installed at Pauatahanui Observatory.

The LX200 is a 12inch Meade GOTO fixed on a
locally manufactured wedge (thanks Gordon).
It runs on a an 18Volt supply from its own adapter.

The adapter is powered from either a solar
charged in-dome battery and inverter, or a
self-contained portable 230 Volt supply.

Celestron C8

Currently used at WAS events and occultations with video camera and associated recording and monitoring equipment.

This telescope has a solar filter available for use at Public events such as the Zoo International Astronomy Day.

Solar Viewing

Not for hire at this stage, under investigation for safety compliance conversion. A very nice piece of historic equipment, isnt it cute?

Dobsonian Mount Reflectors
150mm (6 inch) reflectors, excellent performance.
Email telescope custodian if you are interested.
Click for hire details.

Easy to set up and point, easy to star hop and
awesome performance!

Historic Equipment.
200mm (8 inch) Newtonian, reflector, with a long focal length, built by the late Tony Dodson. From his home observatory.
A restoration project is required to restore this telescope, possibly limited to re-erecting the assembly somewhere suitable.

Occultation Equipment.
(available for all to learn occultation event recording)

Video camera attached to C8 - standard 1 1/4 in eyepiece fitting.

Monochrome monitor - composite video.

Telescopes - members


Member Telescopes:

Member 123.

Williams Optics 80mm refractor, excellent performance.

Member 456.

Meade 100mm reflector, goto.

Member jt

Home made 10inch Occultoscope

Anyone else?

want your brief telescope details here?

Email webmaster

Telescopes - Images


Telescopes have many uses...



See the credits page for more of 'em.

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