Wellington Astronomical Society

Wellington Astronomical Society

About us

The Wellington Astronomical Society is an incorporated society for anyone who is interested in stars, planets or any other topic related to astronomy.

Membership includes experienced and distinguished astronomers, but we also cater for the interest of beginners who come from a diverse range of age groups and professions.

The aim is to let people enjoy astronomy through a friendly and helpful atmosphere, with one of the ideas being that you get out of it what you take part in. If you'd like to get involved, please consider joining up.

Listed below are examples of some of the activities that are organised by members for other members.


Eleven times a year, members receive a newsletter, courtesy of their mailbox. The newsletter is full of articles by members, and developing news about the society in general.

Letters, tips, and small articles are welcome for publication. Publication is at the discretion of the editor, but every effort will be made to include submissions.


Star parties are often organised, both as regular events and for astronomical events that members are interested in getting together for. Suggestions are welcome.

Some members of the society are also willing to visit schools and assist with hosting children's observing nights. If you're assocaiated with a school that might want to take part, please ask.

We encourage members to learn how to use the observatories and telescopes, and we can arrange to train you if you're interested.

Observing groups

Some members of the society have set up informal localised observing groups in various parts of Wellington. These groups help people to get in touch with others nearby with similar interests. They also establish a base for people to get together for their own local astronomical observing activities on their own initiative.

Hire Telescopes

We have the following telescopes available for hire to members:

These are now (since Nov 2009) available without a monthly fee, for 3 months, with a $20 deposit, refundable if the instrument is returned in good condition. Email telescope custodian if you are interested.


Every month except January, meetings are organised (usually on the first Wednesday of the month ) with talks on astronomy topics from people who know what they're talking about. Talks are usually given with the assumption that some members of the audience may have little or no experience in the topic.

As well as the regular meeting, we often hold a beginners corner starting earlier, in which a designated member will provide beginners assistance on particular topics.

Even if you're not a member, you're welcome to come along and see what it's like. There's more information on the meetings page.


We have a growing collection of astronomy-related newsletters, magazines and other space-related media that are available to other members.

The library is open at the back of the room during monthly meetings. (The library is currently in storeage - please ask the Secretary if you require anything specific.)

Email mailing list

We have a mailing list, so that you can recieve updates and announcements about events being organised from different people in the society via email. This is especially useful for learning about events that don't make it into the newsletter, such as aurora, which only have a few days warning.

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