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Thomas King Observatory
Ataira Te Ao Nui.

View north from the observatory - Tararua Mountains

Images of the TKO here

The TKO is currently closed pending refurbishment

'''Thomas King''' (1858-1916) was a New Zealand astronomer and politician.
Image: Thomas King Observatory at Carter - National Observatory of New Zealand

He served in the [[1st New Zealand Parliament]], but chose not to stand for re-election. At the end of the 1st Parliament, he declared himself "tired of political life with its anxieties, cares, and responsibilities - with my severance from my home and my family". Financial worries may also have played a part - King was not by any means wealthy, and was consequently a notable champion of remuneration and expenses for MPs.

Thomas King took over the charge of the [[Carter Observatory]] in 1887 from the Reverend Arthur Stock, vicar of St Peters. (former astronomer in charge of the Wellington time-ball station on Lambton House Quay).

== Legacy ==

Thomas King has an astronomical observatory facility named after him at [[Carter Observatory]] in Wellington, New Zealand.

This paper introduces the history of the observatory.
* [http://www.faster.co.nz/~rasnz/SouthernStars/Vol42Abs.htm Volume 42, number 4. December 2003. P 3]

== Restoration ==
Earlier Refurbishment of the Thomas King Telescope at Carter Observatory by Gordon Hudson.
In May 2001 Gordon began the refurbishment of the 5inch Grubb Telescope housed in the Thomas King Observatory. This telescope was made in 1882 by Grubb in Dublin and over its 120 years it is in remarkably good condition.
* [http://www.faster.co.nz/~rasnz/SouthernStars/Vol42Abs.htm Southern Stars Volume 42, number 4. December 2003. Pp 4 - 6]

The building housingthe telescope now requires major refurbishment, and the TKO will remain closed until this is completed.

== Reference ==

*[http://www.carterobs.ac.nz/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=35&Itemid=96 Carter Observatory History] Carter Observatory - History

This is an image taken through this telescope, using eyepiece projection method, or afocal. The Konica-Minolta camera was mounted on a standard eyepiece, and adjusted for best result.


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