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Occultations close to Wellington

Look here for Occultations near to Wellington for this month

WAS Occs for this month PDF This page will be used to notify of Minor Planet (MP) and brighter lunar events which are expected to be visble from the Wellington area. For more details check the OccSec web site or for MP events use Occult Watcher or for lunar events use Occult.to make list personal to your site.
Remember lunar events are good practise for your observing and reduction processes. The doubles mentioned are also very valuable scientifically, so please have a go at those at least.

Jupiter moon eclipses:
Predictions can be found in the Jupiter Group of  ALPO 

Jupiter Extinction Events JEEs Small group of us internationally have been looking at JME and JEE events. Jupiter is now rising again by 5am at end of July so there is almost time to get some useful data. Next cycle when you can make 2 hour recording will start about end August 2013 I will make new prediction sheets over winter Paths will be much closer over the following two years when effects should be easier to detect. Conjecture is that the Atmosphere and Torus of IO can be detected when another moon passes close behind IO. Io is known to be volcanically active and spews S and S02 high up. Is it also throwing up dust that can cause extinction? Some of this forms a torus ring around Jupiter. Longest times will be possible from about Sept to November but few opportunities except for orbit tip self extinction events You need to make continuous recording with little or no saturation of moon images. Use PST rather than Aperture measurement. It helps to have good tracking and video DVR with MPEG then use 10 second or more blocking. Or use CCD or Digital camera at 1 minute intervals with accurate times. Darks and Flats may help improve data but reference moons mean you have nearby good comparison. Relative Magnitude rather than Absolute is needed. See for more info and predictions. Send email to john.talbot@xtra.co.nzmailto> for an Excel copy of predcitions for Aug to Dec 2013.
Use Occult... Satellite Phenomenma... for your own predictions, also look at ALPO For Pictorial of orbits use Occult4 ... Ephemerides...Graphics of the plantes and their moons.

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